Bead Aid

1 2 3 4 5The Bead Aid is made from high quality steel and is used to add beads to any knitting or crochet work without having to pre-string the beads. It is easier and faster than using the crochet hook method which often splits the yarn, and can be used for beads as small as size 11, depending on the weight of the yarn.

Want to see it in action? This demonstration video shows how easy and fast it is to use the Bead Aid:

Bead Aids can be purchased from my etsy store for $7.50 per package of 2, and shipping is free.


If you live in the Portland area, Bead Aids can now be found in several Yarn shops including

LittleLamb & Ewe in Gresham

Pearl Fiber Art in downtown Portland,

Twisted on NE Broadway

Yarning for You in Beaverton.

And  for a huge selection of beads to add to your knitting – Beads at Dusti Creek on SE Division now carries the Bead Aid

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